Our Services

Custom Design

Work Space Management and Planning, Client Workflow and Traffic Management, Space Planning, Inventory Application, Order Planning for Installation and Shipping Logistics, Typical Development

Specialized Application Experience

Banking and Finance, Call Centers, Corporate & Executive Office, Medical Office & Waiting Areas, AutoCAD, Giza Design, CAPS 2020

Processing Systems

Automated DDMS, Pricing, Ordering, Processing & Tracking, Invoicing, Short and Long Term Rentals

Facility Management

Inventory Services, Warehousing, Storage, Moving Existing Products, Installation

After Sales Services

Occupancy and Vacancy Reports, Employee Orientation, Management of Manufacturers Warranties, Service Tracking

Maintenance Programs

Cleaning & Fabric Protection, Re-Upholstery and Refurbishment of Used Furnishings, Update Existing Stock of Panels, Refinish Components

Standard Typicals 

Single Offices

Multi-Phased Projects

Reconfigure Existing Spaces